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  • Five Things You Should Know Before Receiving Fertility Treatments

    Increased awareness and the removal of strict censorship of television advertisements since the 2011 revolution have sparked a surge in the number of couples in Egypt seeking fertility treatment. Due to the high number of people who smoke, fertility problems among Egyptian men and women are quite common, although until recently, fertility treatments have remained relatively uncommon. Now, as young couples come under increasing pressure to start a family early into their marriage, many are turning to fertility clinics for help in conceiving. Aside from the expense, there are many other important aspects of fertility treatment to consider that require a great deal of thought and understanding. To help, we discuss five important points every couple should be aware of before they decide to seek fertility treatment.


    1. Change of lifestyle

    Prior to trying medical treatment, a couple should make the necessary changes to their lifestyle to increase their chances of successful conception. This includes having regular intercourse, eating healthily, getting enough sleep, and cutting out bad habits such as smoking. Given the high numbers of Egyptians who smoke, and the harm that tobacco does to the body and in particular the reproductive organs, many medical experts blame smoking

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